Partners/Business Associates

NTF believes in a strategic approach for achieving goals and therefore understands the importance of having an ally in the form of partners/business associates.

Our strategic partnership with some of the esteemed companies gives us a competitive edge and an opportunity to access a broader sphere of resources as well expertise. Our partners offer distinctive skill sets and product lines that set us apart in the market.

We successfully cater to all the market needs and client expectation with the added excellence of our partners. We have associations with the following business partners.


Business Partners :

Avanti Co. Japan Mr. Hiro Mizushima
Avanti Co. – Australia Mr. Rob Ristic
Glocal World – Germany Mr. Rolf Niederhagen
Car Form – Switzerland Mr. Lorenzo Carlet


Technical Agreements:

Company Process Product
Hatachi Kako Co. Ltd. Blow Molding Spoilers

Giken Co. Japan

Vacum Forming Aero Parts
Injection Molding Spoilers, Window Visors, Scoff Plates / Illumination
Sputtering Process Wheel Covers