The automotive industry is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economic growth.

With ever increasing expectations of suppliers, clients and stakeholders, the accountability of a company in terms of its social responsibility has become more crucial than ever.Acting as a self-regulating mechanism parallel to the workings of the company we constantly monitor our growth in terms of CSR.

We collaborate with our business associates to find a sustainable and long term solutions to cope with the challenges of sustainable growth for business without affecting the environment. Besides, we make constant endeavours to provide increased transparency accommodating better exchange of ideas and respecting human rights. We not only stress upon adherence to CSR policies but also abide as well as engage in the actions that produce positive results beyond the interest of company extending to social responsibilities.

NTF comply with the CSR as it not only assists our mission to grow but also act as a guide to our vision of sustainable growth.


HR Message

Sustainability is the key for NTF India. The company works hand-in-hand with its associates to build long-term solutions for making a better environment.

Monitory help to employees for their children’s Tuition fee.
  • Girls = 100% Fee amount irrespective of any marks obtained.
  • Boys = 50% to 75% Fee amount as per marks obtained

‘Kanyadan ( Donation ) of Rs. 21,000/- in the employees’ daughter’s marriage ceremony.