Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding is a manufacturing process for making parts by injecting host of materials, such as reinforced and non-reinforced thermoplastic and elastomers into a mould.

The material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed and compelled into a mould cavity where it cools and harden to the shape of the cavity. The process is completed in two levels including designing, generally by an industrial designer or engineer and mould making by a mould maker or tool maker. Injection Moulding is employed in the manufacturing process to produce a variety of parts, be it a small component or entire body panel of a car, the process can accommodate all.

The process may seem very easy but one needs to be extra cautious while designing the moulding order to efficiently facilitate the moulding process. Besides, there must be cohesion between the material to be used for manufacturing of product and the material to be used for making the mould, to ensure a perfect product in the end.

At NTF we take extra care while manufacturing products through injection moulding process. High Grade material is used for the mould as well as end product. The manufacturing process comprises two tier processes.



After finalizing the material we move forward with the production process wherein following products are manufactured: