Thermo -Compression Moulding

Thermo-compression moulding is a process from thermo forming family and products are moulded making use of closed moulds, thermoplastic material in sheet form and a hydraulic press by compression process.

Most of the auto interiors are moulded by this process in NTF. Thermoplastic in the form of extruded sheet is first heated to its melt flow index temperature by passing through an infra-red oven and then placed through conveyor on mould cavity at room temperature and already clamped on the bottom platen of the press while the decorative fabric woven or non-woven, vinyl sheet etc. are pre fixed on core clamped on top platen of the press.The press is closed under constant pressure for a predetermined time when the part takes its shape with top fabric duly bonded with it. We have four thermo-compression lines in our two units for serving our automotive OEM customers.



After selecting the appropriate material for the production process we move forward with the manufacturing wherein following products are manufactured:

  • Rear Parcel Shelf
  • Ornaments for Door Trim
  • Complete Door Trims
  • A / B / C Pillar Cover
  • Trunk Liner
  • Battery Cover

NTF is introducing a new technology LWRT (Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastic) to produce similar products with light weight and added strength.