Paint Shop

NTF India has more than 25 years of experience in painting process for automotive industries.

We have been supplying a number of parts in different shapes and sizes for automotive, railway, health care and tractor industry. The facility is equipped with automated painting line to attend to all kind of painting related tasks. The manufacturing units are equipped with PU painting equipment from GRACO (USA) for excellent finishing and durability of painted surface.


Salient features of NTF Painting Line:

  • Capacity to paint one million parts per annum
  • Down draft painting booth
  • Paint kitchen with PCS system of GRACO (USA)
  • Wet on wet – separate (3) booths for primer - color and clear coat –
  • Designed for optimum dust control
  • 5 stage pre-treatment plant prior to paint line – for surface preparation of the parts
  • Both over head & ground conveyor for small as well as big parts
  • Envelope size painting – 1250 x 600 x 2100 mm
  • Automatic painting line equipped with MOTOMEN robot
  • Temperature & humidity controlled painting booth
  • Down draft painting booth
  • Colour shade and gloss checking equipment
  • On line painting on assembly- lean manufacturing concept

Safety Measures at the NTF Paint Shop

All the NTF Paint Shops follow stringent safety measures to ensure maximum safety and a secure working environment. We have cautiously employed following safety measures:


Co2 based fire control System (Automatic)

The paint shop is equipped with pressurized Co2(Carbon di oxide) line fed by an external Co2 cylinder bank. Although, the anti-fire system equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarm is an automatic system, if situation demands, it can also be operated manually.


Water based fire control System (Manual)

The paint shop is also installed with manually operated pressurised water sprinkler system. Powered by high power water pumping system, the setup is capable of controlling fire related menaces.



All painting equipments and conveyors have been installed in a proper circuit with proper earthing. This ensures safety in case of any static charge that might culminate while operating electrical equipments.


Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are installed at various locations across the facility. The fire extinguisher cylinders are checked at regular intervals to ensure complete safety.


Emergency exit

In case of any emergency a person can safely leave the paint booth via 2 exit points located at the ends of the booth.