Locomotives and Rail Coach

Related Processes

  • Vacuum Forming 
  • Reaction Injection Moulding 
  • PU Spray (&LFI)
  • Composite Plastics
NTF is engaged in producing superior products using quality material to ensure unmatched quality.

Developed using GRP technologies the products are used in railway coaches. Features of our products are:

  • Durable standards
  • Sturdy manufacturing
  • Precise dimensions

To accommodate our clients, we provide customized products as per their requirement. We also ensure that the product is delivered within the stipulated time. We deliver following products for locomotive industry:

  • Console
  • Unipotti
  • Vestibule door
  • Bobbins
  • Air Baffle
  • HVAC Cover - Avanti (Japan)
  • Modular Toilet
  • Central Ceiling