Commercial Vehicles (Bus, Truck etc.)

Related Processes

  • Vacuum Forming 
  • Reaction Injection Moulding
  • PU Spray (&LFI)
  • Injection Moulding 
  • Composite Plastics


A good vehicle is like a sincere companion and a good business partner in whom you can rely with utmost confidence.

A good commercial vehicle will not only help in reaching your destination but also to achieve paramount of success in your business.

At NTF, we understand the importance of a reliable commercial vehicle and therefore manufacture products with utmost precision and responsibility. Our products are compliant with highest standards of quality and industry norms. Known for its durability, our products are preferred choice among our clients. We deliver following parts to be used in commercial vehicles:

  • Dash Panel RHD
  • Engine Hood
  • Front and Rear Bumper
  • Front Grill
  • Front and Rear Inner Dome
  • Front and Rear Facia
  • Side Cover
  • Inner Finishers
  • Inner AC Ducting




lass Reinforced Plastic) components for harnessing wind energy by GE wind energy (USA and Europe), a leading name in the wind energy industry. With a concern for the economy and an attitude to solve this scarcity we constantly strive to expand our operations.