University & Research Student Projects

NTF extends its services in the form of assistance to the university students in planning and successfully carrying out research projects.

While assisting the students our staff members focus on maximum output along with sustainable results of the research programme. In all our supporting projects we have given exceptional output to the students working under the supervision of our members. We approach in a strategic and planned manner that includes:

  • Planning

    Planning from initial stage till final stage of the project.

  • Performing

    Starting the project along with careful scrutiny of each task.

  • Organising / Assigning

    Organising the tasks according to the priority of the process and assigning tasks according to the capabilities of the students.

  • Sustaining

    Sustaining the perfection throughout the project and provide after support.


Supporting Projects for University Students

  • Racing Car (2006)-
  • F1 Racing Car- IIT Delhi (2007)
  • DCE – Super Mileage Car (2008)
  • NSIT – Solar Car (2009)